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Shaping Automotive Comfort

We pride ourselves on imagining and creating revolutionary products that deliver optimal comfort with the added benefit of energy efficiency. We are leading the development and implementation of technologies for heating any surface that an occupant comes in contact with. Our technology and expertise allow virtually any idea you have for personal comfort to be realized, from heated steering wheels, armrests and door panels, to gear shifts, carpets and even sunglass holders.

Interior Comfort

Steering Wheel Heating

Our steering wheel heating designs provide a uniform heating experience and high power density in both leather and wood surfaces, with the ability to integrate with HOD (hands-on detection) solutions.  We are committed to developing the most advanced thermal technology in the business by utilizing flexible elements which can be adapted to our customers’ specific manufacturing needs. From lamination to molding, our solutions can integrate into any steering wheel design while retaining visual and tactile integrity to ensure a comfortable, safe driving experience.

Interior Comfort

Vehicle Surface Heating

Our vehicle surface heating solutions combine comfort and customization and are available in a wide variety of applications and textures. Our system development capabilities allow us to deploy efficient heating to any surface in the vehicle, from seats to door panels to arm-rests and dashboards. Our proven portfolio allows us to create solutions for our customers that optimize energy and power consumption while providing optimal thermal comfort.

Interior Comfort